Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Jail Break and Super Glue

I know I have been slacking life here has been very boring but Andrew and I leave for China on December 22nd so there will be lots of adventures to report back...just stay tuned! But before all that excitement begins...I have two funny stories from last week.

Story #1: On Wednesday afternoon, December 9th, I was sitting in my office youtube'in some TV episodes when two 5th grade boys came in to bring Johnson and I milk boxes which is an everyday occurrence. They noticed that Johnson was not there and when they asked I told them that he had left for the day. They bowed, said goodbye and left. I heard them giggle a little on their way out but didn't think anything of it.

5:00pm rolls around and I am gathering my stuff to leave. I turn the computer off and hit the lights but I can't get out my office door. Well...needless to say I now knew why they were snickering. Those freakin' kids locked me into my office! (My office use to be a storage closet so it locks from the outside.) I was thinking, "crap...I don't even have the phone number to the front desk for someone to come let me out!"

That's when I became all James Bond like and squeezed through some bookcases that separated part of my office from the computer lab. I knew it was a shot in the dark whether that door was even unlocked because being a computer lab, it's locked all the time. So I got myself through and to my utter surprise and excitement, the door was unlocked!!

This could have been a very embarrassing situation had my survival skills not kicked in :)

Story #2: Thursday, December 10th, I taught my one 5th grade class during first period as usual and then Johnson said I didn't need to teach the 4 sixth grade classes with him today because he was just giving them a computerized listening test and didn't want to make me sit through that. Well, my other co-teacher caught wind that I was not having to go with him and told Johnson that I HAD to go. He felt bad and after the first class he told me the the fifth grade class two was doing crafts and that I should sneak in there and hang out with them since it would be far more entertaining.

The class was making their own cute little gift boxes. Being the crafty person I am I happily joined it. Well, I didn't really know all the directions since the teacher obviously gave them in Korean but I thought I had the gist. Turns out...there was some key information I missed because my box was so ugly and the top didn't even fit. Some of the girls came to help me fix it and we were having some pretty funny conversation because the language barrier was so bad. Well, I was so distracted with our conversation I failed to notice the superglue that had somehow gotten on my cheek.

Yes, that's right super glue. We were using super glue and most of the time instead of scissors, the kids use exacto-knifes...even the third graders. I was so embarrassed by this I didn't want to make a big deal of it, so I tried to just inconspicuously pick at it. No one else managed to get super glue on their faces...hands maybe...but not their face! One boy did put a little in a girls I felt lucky it was just on my cheek. Anyways...long story short, the top of my cheek was red and flaky and it took about two days for it all to come off!

I plan on being a little more careful that next time I get to sneak into craft time :)